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Many people are asking about web hosting. Here is my research with some of the many web hosts that are out there. These are ones that I have experience with that I can share with you to help you make an informed decision! Remember, while the cost flashing on their front page may seem like a good deal, the cheapest web host may not meet your needs or have the features that will make your site functional.

Host Gator


This is the best major web host that I have used. While I would recommend some basic understanding of various web terminology, this site is overall very user friendly and has good technical support.


Hostgator has a good basic plan that will have everything most people will need for their web site. One thing that stands apart are their beautiful and unique web templates that are easy to use and customize. Not sure if you will have the skills to use the templates? They have a free demo of their site builder that you can try without purchasing anything.

Support is not outsourced, so for users in the US you will not run into a language barrier when trying to get support. Anyone who has much experience with tech support will appreciate this! Support is 24/7 and available by phone or live chat over the Internet.

Many other web hosts claim to have features and once you sign up you realize there is a catch. Two of these are ad credits and web stats, but for Hostgator these are a couple of their best features. The $25 Google ad credit is genuinely free (they do not require additional sign-ups to qualify) and easy to use. The web stats are incredibly easy to use and understand (a simple click of a button on the left hand side of the screen) and will provide hours of fun for those who are interested in analyzing and applying statistics.

Where Hostgator really stands apart from the crowd is in their business accounts. For only $12.95 (for the three year plan) a month you get not only all the standard web host features but also a dedicated IP address, private SSL certification, and even your own toll free number! These features are usually not even offered with other web hosts, or cost extra. This means if you find out once you get started that you need these features (which you will if you are operating any kind of e-commerce store) you will end up paying more than you would have if you had just started out with Hostgator. These additional features are more than worth the small upgrade in price.

Finally, for the earth conscious web creator, you will love that Hostgator has 100% green hosting. In addition, they are making the world a better place through their program to provide free web hosting to select non-profits.


While it is hard to find anything bad to say about Hostgator, there are a couple areas they could be doing better. First of all, they offer "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth. Of course, thinking about this for a minute anyone will realize that it is impossible to actually offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth -- they have to have a certain number of servers at their physical location. What they really mean is that they anticipate to have all the space you will need. Having dedicated IP addresses for the business accounts certainly helps them meet this claim better than many of the competitors.

Many web hosts offer a free domain with sign-up for web hosting service. Hostgator does not offer this for a new domain (although does offer free domain transfer). Despite this, their service is a great deal. Really, domains are not that expensive.


Hostgator is best suited for anyone trying to operate an e-commerce business for a reasonable price and looking for lots of great features.


Review coming soon!

Affiliate Programs

One of my top priorities is to maintain consistently high quality content. I want to help you be informed, intrigued and inspired! Because of this, any of the products or services reviewed on this site are ones that I have experience with directly. If products or services that I am posting information about have affiliate programs, I do take advantage of those programs in order to help compensate my time in providing this information to you so that I can keep creating more helpful and fresh content. If there is something helpful that I want to pass on that does not have any kind of affiliate program -- I post about it anyway! If you decide to purchase one of the products reviewed, and my information was helpful to you, please support my efforts to provide this service to you for free by using the links on this page to direct to the business website. If you want to purchase through those websites directly, that is fine too -- they really are great products! As always, I appreciate your support in being able to help you make the most of every web opportunity. Thank you!

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